Net Zero Sewage Treatment Technology

Rediscovering Nature’s Genius in treating Sewage - the cow’s stomach. Our unique patented technology treats sewage in a decentralised, self- sustainable way in underground chambers without power, chemicals or human intervention. Using Biomimicry, regenerative innovation inspired by nature, the ECOSTP utilises functional principles and strategies of microorganisms and ecosystem found in a cow’s stomach.

ECOSTP addresses six UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is selected as a Best Practice case study for United Nations ESCAP SDG Sustainability Asia Pac report.

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Essar Power commissions ECOSTP for water conservation at Hazira

Essar Power Hazira Limited (EPHL) has always put its best foot forward when it comes to environmental initiatives.

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Most Sustainable Sewage Treatment Technology Developer 2022

The unique patented “Net Zero” Sewage Treatment Technology has no moving parts compared to conventional STPs which use energy, hogging motors, exhaust fans, pumps, and blowers.

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Deccan Herald Feature

Cow’s digestive process inspires purification plant. After six years of research, a Bengaluru startup has designed a zero-power, zero-chemicals sewage treatment technology that can help save our lakes

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