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Welcome to ECOSTP:
Elevating Waste Water
Management for Modern Living

Welcome to ECOSTP: Elevating Wastewater Management for Modern Living

Discover the future of sustainable living with ECOSTP tailored for residential communities encompassing apartments and villas. As the demand for eco-friendly solutions grows, building developers play a pivotal role in shaping communities that prioritize sustainability. Dive into our comprehensive needs analysis to understand why ECOSTP is the optimal choice for seamlessly integrating efficient and environmentally conscious wastewater management into your residential projects.

1. Revolutionizing Sustainability: ECOSTP Net Zero Approach

ECOSTP stands at the forefront of environmental innovation as a net zero solution. Our sewage treatment system operates without the need for chemicals or dedicated operators, making it a true beacon of sustainability. Experience the simplicity of a power free, chemical-free, operator-free solution with ECOSTP redefining how we approach sustainable sewage treatment.

2. Regulatory Compliance

ECOSTP Assurance: Ensure a smooth project approval process ( CFE/CFO etc.) by choosing ECOSTP. Our sewage treatment system is meticulously designed to comply with local and national environmental standards, providing building developers with a regulatory-compliant solution.

3. Aesthetics and Space Efficiency

ECOSTP Biophilic Integration: Elevate the visual appeal of your residential developments with compact and visually pleasing design. We understand the value of space in your property. Our Biophilic solutions are crafted to be space-efficient and adaptable, catering to the unique dimensions of villas and apartments. Experience the freedom of customization without compromising on efficiency. Our sewage treatment solution seamlessly integrates into the architectural aesthetics of communities without compromising space efficiency.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

ECOSTP Value Proposition: Enhance the overall value proposition of your residential properties with ECOSTP. Our transparent pricing models and cost-effective operation make it an attractive choice for building developers aiming for efficiency without high operational costs.

5. Environmental Appeal

ECOSTP Green Approach: Embrace sustainability in residential projects with ECOSTP's Net Zero approach. Devoid of chemicals and operators, our system aligns seamlessly with the green aspirations of modern homebuyers, enhancing the environmental appeal of your project .

6. Low Maintenance

ECOSTP Reliability: Minimize operational disruptions with ECOSTP 's low-maintenance design. Ensure a hassle-free living experience for residents and a convenient sewage treatment solution for building developers.

7. Community Integration

ECOSTP Community Engagement: Foster a sense of community by integrating ECOSTP into your residential projects. With educational features and community engagement opportunities, ECOSTP goes beyond sewage treatment, promoting shared sustainability values among residents.


We at ECOSTP invites building developers to pioneer sustainable living in residential communities. By addressing the key considerations of regulatory compliance, scalability, aesthetics, costeffectiveness, environmental appeal, low maintenance, and community integration, ECOSTP ensures that your residential projects align with the evolving demands of modern, eco-conscious living. Explore the possibilities with ECOSTP and be a trailblazer in creating environmentally conscious and thriving residential communities.

Success Stories

Sandeep Bedi, CEO of Janaadhar Homes speaks about their vision “to realise the homeownership dreams of the Indian population by building high-quality, affordable homes.” and how ECOSTP fits into the vision. He beautifully articulates 'affordability'—the highest quality with the lowest lifecycle cost and affordable to begin with. It also means simplicity, the use of fewer resources, and low maintenance.

He lucidly explains that, as quality and affordability are the focus, the Janaadhar team's process of scouting innovations and selection of ECOSTP. He also offers advice on making sustainable sanitation a reality.

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