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Welcome to ECOSTP:
Your Reliable Destination for
Retrofit Sewage Treatment Systems

Welcome to ECOSTP: Your Reliable Destination for Retrofit Sewage Treatment Systems

At ECOSTP, we recognize the growing importance of retrofitting sewage treatment systems for existing villas and apartments lacking an STP or aiming to replace conventional ones. Our commitment is to guide you through this eco-friendly transformation, ensuring a seamless integration that aligns with your needs and aspirations. Dive into our comprehensive analysis to discover why our retrofit solutions are the ideal choice for your property.

1. Revolutionising Sustainability : ECOSTP Net Zero Approach

ECOSTP stands at the forefront of environmental innovation as a net zero solution. Our sewage treatment system operates without the need for chemicals or dedicated operators, making it a true beacon of sustainability. Experience the simplicity of a power free, chemical-free, operator-free solution with ECOSTP redefining how we approach sustainable sewage treatment.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Navigating the intricate web of sewage treatment regulations is a crucial step in your retrofit journey. Our systems are meticulously designed to meet and exceed all local and national standards - PCB, NGT etc. Rest easy, knowing that your retrofit aligns perfectly with environmental compliance requirements.

3. Space Constraints

We understand the value of space in your property. Our retrofit Biophilic Solutions are crafted to be space-efficient and adaptable, catering to the unique dimensions of your setback areas of villas and apartments. Experience the freedom of customization without compromising on efficiency.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Investing in a retrofit sewage treatment system should make both financial and environmental sense. Explore our transparent pricing models and detailed cost-benefit analyses. Witness the potential for significant long-term savings and a positive impact on your environmental footprint.

5. Environmental Impact

Join the movement towards sustainable living by choosing our retrofit solutions. Reduce your ecological footprint with systems that minimize water pollution, prioritize energy efficiency, and offer the potential for water reuse for toilet flush and landscaping - or even potable drinking water. Make a positive impact on the environment.

6. Installation Process

We understand the importance of a hassle-free installation process. Our 3C Execution model (Co- create, Co-execute and Co-evolve) ensure minimal disruption, and our detailed timelines keep you informed every step of the project. Experience a smooth transition to a more sustainable sewage treatment system.

7. Maintenance and Service Support

ECOSTP solution goes beyond installation – we are your partners in the long run. Our comprehensive maintenance plans, including periodic inspections and reliable customer support, guarantee the longevity and reliability of your retrofit system.

8. Community and Social Responsibility

Choosing our retrofit systems extends beyond your property. Discover the social and community benefits of reducing strain on public sewage systems and contributing to improved local environmental quality. Become part of the expanding eco-friendly neighborhoods that have adopted ECOSTP, experiencing the advantages of sustainable sewage treatment systems.


At ECOSTP, we are dedicated to providing top-tier retrofit sewage treatment systems that meet the unique needs of villas and apartments. Explore our offerings, embark on a journey towards sustainability, and make a lasting positive impact on your property and community. Together, let’s redefine how we treat and manage sewage.

Success Stories

Col. Akhil Kumar from Pushpalok Villas speaks about his experience in migrating from conventional STP to ECOSTP. The 60 Villa community was spending a whopping 70,000 INR per month on the “White Elephant STP” as per him before moving to ECOSTP. He clearly explains the problems faced with SBR STP and the benefits the community is experiencing now with ECOSTP. Please visit Pushpalok and see ECOSTP in action! Changemaker client.

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