ECOSTP Execution Methodology

Our execution philosophy built on the 3C model - Co-create, Co-execute and Co-evolve is inspired by the disciplined ant colony collective system. Other examples of collective systems in nature are bee and wasp hives, termite mounds, and even schools of fish.


Nature uses shape or form, rather than added material and energy, to meet functional requirements. This allows the organism to accomplish what it needs to do using a minimum of resources. Forms can be found in the shape of a beetleā€™s back and in the multi-layer structure of a tropical rainforest. We have developed a clever wax design model to customize the three stages to the client environment and the ECOSTP solution wraps around the contours. We mastered the art of manufacturing by ‘building to shape’ which is highly appreciated with many client validations. ECOSTP melts into available space.The 3C model ensures the ‘building to shape’ concept becomes a reality.