ECOSTP Execution Methodology

Our execution philosophy built on the 3C model - Co-create, Co-execute and Co-evolve is inspired by the disciplined ant colony collective system. Other examples of collective systems in nature are bee and wasp hives, termite mounds, and even schools of fish.


Our team members are driven by purpose, with our mission of ‘ reclaim every drop of  wastewater, naturally.’ as our guiding motto.When you’re ‘in purpose’ — that is, engaged with and working towards your purpose — life becomes easier, less complicated, and stressful. We only supply the ECOSTP DIY Kit and the actual civil implementation is done by client teams. We work with the client team who are equally driven by purpose to create the biological STP that is built for generations.

We have developed deep processes and tools to ensure the waste water solution is deployed as designed for and blends harmoniously with client’s engineering teams. Relying on the joint virtual team builds trust, and establishes strong relationships with all stakeholders promoting a wider sense of ownership. We co-execute the STP solution.