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ECOSTP Execution Methodology

Our execution philosophy built on the 3C model - Co-create, Co-execute and Co-evolve is inspired by the disciplined ant colony collective system. Other examples of collective systems in nature are bee and wasp hives, termite mounds, and even schools of fish.


Co-creation is the coming together of people from different organizations, be they sustainability researchers, customers, or even competitors, to focus on making life better and generating new value. It’s a network of diverse perspectives, backgrounds and skills. In other words, it’s an ecosystem of capabilities, where the ecology is founded upon human collaboration . In our co-creation virtual lab our teams work with client engineers, PHE/MEP consultants and architects to identify and define the wastewater opportunity, and co-create a value engineered cost effective wastewater solution confirming with regulatory requirements.

Usually STP stages one ,two and three are constructed below the basement or road and stage four is integrated as part of the garden or fencing. ECOSTP melts into available space. Since our consumers are actively involved in the creation of the end product they also become the producers.